Who is Demand Action Now?
We are a few concerned citizens based in Victoria, Canada who are trying to help folks communicate to policy makers on important issues. We feel frustrated and helpless when the needs of the vulnerable are overlooked. With backgrounds in design and development we want to contribute our skills to make a positive impact. We can be reached at talk@demandactionnow.ca.
Are you getting paid?
No. All fees collected go towards the cost of printing and mailing the postcard.
Are you affiliated with any political party or organizations?
No. We are concerned individuals.
Do you receive any funding from any 3rd parties?
No. Apart from the cost of printing and mailing the postcard, project costs such as design, development, and servers are currently self-funded.
How much does it cost to send a postcard?
$1.50 covers the cost of printing and mailing the postcard.
Where can I find more information about this campaign?
Visit the Campaign page here.
Can I send a postcard to anyone I want?
Not at this time. Currently we are beta testing with a single campaign, and you can only send a postcard through that campaign. We hope to run more campaigns in the future!
Why postcards?
Unlike email, texts and social media posts, postcards are tactile, physical objects. They pass through the postal system and need to be physically accounted for when they arrive at their destination. We hope that these characteristics help our campaigns create an effective impact.
I’m concerned about the environmental impact of the postcards. What has been done to mitigate this?
This is also a concern of ours. We’ve opted to use postcards that are printed on 100% post-Consumer Content made from recycled paper pulp, which means no new trees were cut to make these postcards. The printing process used is called Indigo printing and uses environmentally safe liquid toner.
When will my postcard be delivered?
Postcards are delivered within 3-5 business days.
Can I suggest a new campaign?
Yes, please do! Contact us at talk@demandactionnow.ca with your ideas. While we look forward to hearing your ideas, please note that we do need to be selective with the campaigns we run due to limited resources.